From Ankur Tiwari to Anushka Manchanda, Indie Singles Roundup from November

Still from Kiss Nuka’s ‘Dakini’ video (Photo Credit: YouTube ScreenGrab)

Still from Kiss Nuka’s ‘Dakini’ video (Photo Credit: YouTube ScreenGrab)

November found more and more soft and subtle music, mostly played on the piano or acoustic guitar. A boom of releases from veterans and newcomers, the musical range stretches from alternative rock to obscure drum-n-bass. It is noteworthy that this time it is high on the instrumental music chart.

‘Inaya’ – Saurabh Trivedi and Suyash

‘Inaya’, ‘God’s gift’ is a subtle love ballad about things beyond the ordinary human realm. In soft and smooth piano lines it crawls on the strings of spirituality, while the calm voice whispers a prayer to heaven. Gratitude and warmth flow in big, slow waves through the listener’s veins – in sync with the music, adding more and more elements as it progresses. In the end, it builds to a big climax as expected. This song is best heard in the morning, when you need a flush jumpstart for a sunny day.

‘Ecstasy’ – Samuel Debbarma

The song begins with the sound of the wind, setting a flight and organic mood. Then Debbarma’s fingers touch the six strings, and the melody appears – as light as the wind, as flying. A short, instrumental piece of acoustic guitar, the Agartala-based artist uses various fingerstyle techniques to create a complete soundtrack. It flows easily with some surprise elements coming from the bass end of the guitar. While it does not reach a frantic pace, it is a quiet pleasure of its own. The song is set in a simple but beautiful rural landscape of Tripura.

‘rain’ – Govind Mishra

Govind Mishra opens his account in the field of independent music.rain‘. Whether the start is very imaginative or real – you’ve heard it a lot (especially on guitar backing tracks) – this little part includes a variety of different styles. But then the twisted and slow rock standard rises to an aggressive and dangerous ratio – everything is forgiven. The lyrical theme of loving the desolate land of despair and despair can be considered as referring to the epidemic that separates lovers. The slightest hint of darkness, from where the guitar solo throws itself into dangerous places, excites this part.

‘Shehzada Shehzadi’ – Ankur Tiwari

Mumbai-based singer and lyricist Ankur Tiwari is activating romance with his latest single.Shehzada Shehzadi‘- “A love song set in a fantasy world that works on the coin of love.” The animated video certainly testifies to this. As for the music, it revolves around simple guitar chords, in which Tiwari sings “This moment is as ours as this era” and paints a harmonious vague and warm colors. His style is in tune with the soft, acoustic music that is popular in Hindi today. But the use of harmonica gives it a sepia-tone, as well as the subtle feel of a horn section, which makes it even more elegant.

‘Dakini’ – Kiss Yoke Feet Rakhis

Anushka Manchanda has moved from her indie-pop beginnings to finding her place in contemporary soundtracks, where her musical expression is a combination of various art and spirituality that blends and gives a spiritual experience. Set to the low-fi sounds of drums and bass, ‘Dakini‘The woman celebrates the power of the soul, or “a female incarnation of enlightened energy”. Her job is to protect the earth, for which the conservation of female energy is very important. It’s a masterpiece of Capoeira’s martial arts practiced by African slaves in Brazil in the 16th century.


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