Akshay Kumar sheds light on Rama Sethu, Prithviraj and other upcoming projects in 2022

Akshay Kumar in the stills of Suryavanshi. (Photo credit: YouTube screengrab).

Akshay Kumar in the stills of Suryavanshi. (Photo credit: YouTube screengrab).

The fact that Akshay Kumar has always been in a role is well known all over the world. In a recent interview with Variety, an international publication, Akshay Kumar talked about filming across the pandemic and how he always stays at his fingertips. The actor also highlighted his upcoming releases in the conversation.

The actor began to highlight the success of Suryavanshi and explained how the wait for the theatrical release has seen results. “Suryavanshi and I and the team are very happy with the global reception. The success of the film is a testament to the fact that the film has captured the hearts and minds of the fans since its announcement. The excitement has been overwhelming.

“I’m a big believer in timing, and incredible things can happen when you’re in the right place at the right time. Although the postponement of the film caused some stress, I think it’s worth it as its release has finally been proven. Let it be a shining light in a dark moment in our history,” he added.

Kumar, who is packed with upcoming releases like Prithviraj, Bachchan Pandey, Rakshabandhan and Ram Sethu, explained what is currently going on.

“Prithviraj marks my first film of 2022 and will be released on January 21. Although I have a great passion for historical dramas and biographies, Prithviraj takes my journey into this category to a new level as I enter the 1191 era. The actor said.

Akshay added that Bachchan Pandey, who plays a ‘rustic gangster’, will be released on March 4, 2022. Rakshabandhan will be released on August 11 next year.

“I turned my hand to play the role of an archaeologist in the action-adventure drama Rama Sethu, an interesting story that reflects an important part of our historical heritage. Ramasetu is set to release on October 24, 2022,” he said. Said finishing the slate of releases.

As Akshay Kumar’s Atrangi Ray hits OTT giant Disney + Hotstar today, December 24, the actor explained how he handles his job of appearing on different platforms.

“As long as I remember it’s always been a big screen event, I was a little apprehensive at the beginning as a filmmaker, but once there was an epidemic, the thought of not showing your work was so terrifying. So releasing on both platforms, whichever way it works, will only broaden the profile of your work and audience engagement, ”he said.

Finally, the actor was asked to give a sneak peek of his upcoming Amazon Prime video series The End.

Answering the question, the 54-year-old actor decided to stay mostly frozen, but added, “Well, I’m so excited about The End. This is a high-octane action thriller that takes me back to a category where I started my career three decades ago. Starting in the first quarter.I’m very secretive about the show, in terms of narration, I can not even give you a sneak peek.


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