Rocky Movie Review: Arun Matheswaran's first film is an action saga

Vasant Ravi in ​​Rocky. Image from Twitter.

Vasant Ravi in ​​Rocky. Image from Twitter.

Rocky | Director: Arun Matheswaran

Cast: Vasant Ravi, Bharathiraja, Raveena Ravi, Rohini

Hours of operation: 2 hours 9 minutes | Language: Tamil | Rating: 3.5 / 5

4 minute shot of someone doing nothing but just walking down a street. An 18 minute shot of a man and a woman realizing their differences and talking about life. Low-angle POV shot that bleeds into all parts of the screen.

For years, a Tamil filmmaker has had the courage to make such shots in his film, making it literally raw and violent, and has the aesthetic knowledge to present his story on the big screen. . Arun Matheswaran’s Rocky is an action drama that is patient, cruel and grilling that rolls like a Tamil poem, thrilling those who watch it on the big screen.

Rocky (the title character played by Vasant Ravi) is a very simple storyline that focuses on a man who is released from prison after a long absence of 17 years. Rocky went to jail after killing the man who knocked his mother down, but his life has changed dramatically since this period, and he has to go back a little bit and fix it together. But, unfortunately, he is not a forgiving man, and his dark ways of life haunt him.

Much of Rocky’s is not about how the story is written, but about how it is made. Arun Matheswaran manages the visual pattern of the film in the shades and shades he receives from his boss Thyagarajan Kumararaja. Rocky is very thin when it comes to its plot, but it fills the void with its extraordinary visibility, use of music and realism in characterization. Arun makes a wide choice – he describes his flashbacks in black and white, while his film focuses on locations that look like completely abandoned houses, ruins, and wasteland. Just as Rocky bears a resemblance to the films of John Wick, Old Boy, and Quentin Tarantino, it has the power to hold the audience’s attention together by the power of what we see on screen.

As the film progresses, it makes sense to realize that the lack of a strong emotional connection is the driving force behind it. Arun decides to use silence as an important functional element in the film, allowing the audience to shoot at the real emotions of the characters, not trying to exaggerate it with unnecessary sounds.

In sequences like these, music director Darbuka gives Shiva a backseat, while in action sequences he delivers a fierce fire drill, where Shiva explodes brilliantly with some innovative and cooling compositions that act as real adrenaline boosters. Without Shreyas Krishna’s incredible camera work, all this excitement would not have been active, which is sure to keep the award shows busy next year. With majestic use of wide angle shots and unusual camera placements, Shreyas’ masterful technique creates some great action sequences that will set a new standard in the days to come.

When you get a ticket to Rocky, the action sequences make up the full value of the money.

Before Rocky, it is common for someone to wonder why it took Vasant Ravi so long to come up with his second year outing after Taramani. But when he sees Rocky, it’s because Tick fits, which proves why Vasant was determined to establish himself in such a script. His gentle body language takes a U-turn when he decides to turn into a roaring lion in the spring. It really shows the pain of running away from violence and the relief of noticing it. This is the best performance of an actor who is only two years old and gives hope for things to come. On the other hand, Bharathiraja does full justice to the choice of Arun as the villain. At this late stage in his career, his loud and powerful voice is very effective as the veteran opens up another face for him. There are some other artists in the film who come in small roles, but are really effective.

Rocky would have been an even better experience if Arun Matheswaran had spent more time at the writing desk with more emotional weight on his armor. But even at this stage, what he has achieved with his first film is something that deserves attention. Tamil cinema has once again given birth to a special filmmaker whose work will be closely monitored here.


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