Tamil Nadu: Singer Saravedi Sharan has been arrested for making a song about making eighth grade girls pregnant.

Chennai based playback singer Saravedi Sharan.

Chennai based playback singer Saravedi Sharan.

Tamil Nadu police have arrested a Chennai-based singer following a social media outrage over a song. Tiruvallur police have arrested a group of netizens for allegedly ‘making pregnant’ girls in the lyrics of playback singer Saravedi Saran’s video song.

While numerous suicides have been reported in the state in the wake of school sexual assault, the song sung along with the sexually abusive lyrics of underage girls has caused a huge controversy on social media.

Earlier in March 2021 the video song ‘Tony Rock A Match Song’ was released. It features a song by two Chennai based singers Saravedi Sharan and Tony Rock. The lyrics of the song sung by Sharan had caused a huge controversy as it incited girls to be sexually exploited.

In one part of the lyrics of this controversial song, Sharan also sings about the abortion of girls in kindergarten in 8th grade.

The recent incidents of schoolgirls committing suicide due to sexual harassment across Tamil Nadu have caused outrage across Tamil Nadu. While the state government is making various efforts to prevent this, Twitter has alleged that the singer is sowing the seeds of poison in the community. As the song went viral on social media, many netizens protested and demanded action against the singer.

Tagging the Chennai police on Twitter, Mritula asked, “What’s the matter?” How do you do all this cool stuff?

Another netizen, Geeta Madhavan, tweeted, “This is not a line of hate and sex. He should be arrested for publicly promoting the sexual abuse of girls. He should also be arrested on stage for praising them.”

John from Chennai tweeted, “Pok‌mon should be prosecuted under the law. The entire crew-organizer, the channels that promoted it, the funders of these bastards.”

“The police team is collecting details and will take necessary action against him (singer Sharan) soon,” Tiruvallur district SP Varun Kumar said.

The controversial singer performed at a recent event in Tiruvallur district.

According to sources, the police are planning to file a case against him under Section 16 of the IPC, Pok‌mon Act, which deals with crimes against minors.

What is a song song?

Gana is a style of music that originated from a community of people living in North Chennai.

Singing songs initially praised the deceased, and at one time were often sung in cinematic beats and tunes at everyday events. Nowadays even socially relevant messages are conveyed through this medium.

The songs feature lively percussion instruments and fast melodies in triple pulse beats. Performs at weddings, stage shows, political rallies, and funerals.

Kunnankudi Mastan Sahib, a nineteenth century Sufi poet and composer, is one of the best known speakers of song music.


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