Priyanka Chopra on the length of her role in Matrix Resurrection: A little mentality to think so

Priyanka Chopra in The Matrix Recursions. Photo credit: Instagram priyankachopra

Priyanka Chopra in The Matrix Recursions. Photo credit: Instagram priyankachopra

Priyanka Chopra plays Sati, a senior version of the Exile program at The Matrix Resurrection. However, when the length of the character in the film was questioned, the actor defended himself.

In a recent interview with Asian Sunday TV, the actress was asked about her first instinct after reading the script and what she felt in her mind before saying yes to the character.

I think you’re coming from something a lot of people in the South Asian community ask me, ‘Oh, this is a small role, this is not a lead role. Why did you do that? ‘ Priyanka said in reply to a question. (Laughs) Because this is The Matrix, and I play a very crucial role in it. The protagonist is Carrie-Anne Moss. She has acted as Trinity in the last three films. You do not have the permission required to post.

Here is the video:

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The actor continued by replying that he has never done his roles about himself. “It’s a bunch of incredible actors, and by asking that question, I think you’re really diminishing the glory of being part of a playground to play with such incredible people. You’re my career in Bollywood. I love playing with incredible people and I’m not very myopic about my characters, especially not the matrix, “she said.

Earlier, on December 23, Priyanka’s mother Dr Madhu Chopra retaliated in a news article about Priyanka’s 8-10 minute appearance in The Matrix Resurrection. Defaming the article, Madhu tweeted, “Critical and crucial … FYI.”

The film was written and directed by Lana Wachowski, a popular sci-fi film franchise, and co-starred with her sister Lily in the previous three titles – Matrix, 1999, The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions, released in 2003.


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