Bigg Boss 15 Weekend War: Salman Khan Celebrates Pre-Birthday Bash With RRR Team

Salman Khan celebrates pre-birthday bash with RRR team. (Photo credit: Twitter / ColorsTV)

Salman Khan celebrates pre-birthday bash with RRR team. (Photo credit: Twitter / ColorsTV)

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Season 15 has kicked off with actor and presenter Salman Khan welcoming the upcoming Pan-India epic RRR team. He welcomed actors Jr. NTR, Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt and director SS Rajamouli to the stage. Khan, who turns 56 on December 27, celebrated his pre-birthday on set with the team and contestants. Alia used the opportunity to congratulate the superstar in her own style. She was seen singing a birthday song for him with a live band. The contestants on the show also surprised the host and put a big smile on his face with the power-pack performance of his super hit songs.

Khan was also seen performing his hook steps with housemates. At the end of the festivities, Rajamouli handed over a cake to Salman, describing it as a small gift from the actors.

Also, Rajamouli had a dream come true moment directed by Salman Khan. Actors Jr. NTR and Ram Charan as villains, Bhatt as DOP and Salman Khan as the lead entered the Bahubali filmmaker’s direction. After some interesting conversations, Team Khan danced to the hit number ‘Nacho Nacho’ and finally said goodbye to the presenter and the show.

Shortly after the RRR team left the set, Khan spoke with the contestants to evaluate their performance. Starting with Rakhi, the actor praised the dancer-actor for entertaining the contestants, while he recalled the others. Khan seemed to remind the housemates that the finale was just two weeks away and that it all depended on their performance. He reprimands the contestants for canceling the final task again, and asks them to point out the most unfair contestant in the house.

Karan named her Devolina, while Shamita thought Rakhi was unfair. On the other hand, the character and Nishant pointed out that everyone in the house was unfair, claiming that they would play when needed.

When the dancer-actor pointed out that he only listens to his friend Devolina, Khan asked Shamita to justify his opinion about Rakhi. Many have accused the duo of failing to get a chance to win a ticket to the finals.

The conversation led to Salman Khan revealing the real reason behind the cancellation of the final task. He revealed that most of the housemates canceled the game because they played according to their rules, reminding them of previous games.

Khan, who supported Rakhi, also revealed that he was wrong in rejecting Shamita. Also, when Karan moved to Kundra, Khan accused himself of continuing and continuing to talk about injustice. Kundra justified himself and said that he did not deliberately cancel the task but mostly because it was a do or die situation.

Salman asked Karan, “Karan ka problem kya tha, Rakhi Sawant Aur Devolina Bhattacharya Fair Nahi Khel Rahe Ya Ki Dono Tejaswi Ko Support Kar Rahi Ti? ” Karan says he does not need their support and explains his point of view.

Khan asked Tejaswi to play for him to please Karan and not to give up his stand for Tejaswi.

Pratik, Nishant, Shamita, Umar and Devolina were nominated for elimination this week.

At the end of the episode, a heated argument starts between Umar, Reshmi, Tejaswi and Rakhi, in which Karan is seen calming down the situation. Rashami lashed out at Tejaswi for her ingratitude. She calls her fake. Makes things clear between Karan and Umar. Trying to clarify things between Tejaswi and Karan.


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