Bigg Boss 15: Rajeev Aditya and Shilpa Shetty back Shamita after Rakhi Sawant

Rajeev Adatiya with Rakhi-sister Shamita Shetty. Photo Credit: Instagram rajivadatia.

Rajeev Adatiya with Rakhi-sister Shamita Shetty. Photo Credit: Instagram rajivadatia.

Rakhi Sawant was seen mocking Shamita Shetty’s shoulder injury in the weekend episode of Bigg Boss 15. When the first joke hurt the second mentally, Shamita’s Rakhi-brother Rajeev Adatiya took a stand in support of his sister.

Former Bigg Boss 15 contestant Rajeev Adatia took to social media yesterday, December 27 to post stories in support of his Rakhi-sister. “I have to say that Shamita is in excruciating pain! When I went home she was washing alone without complaining! She was seriously injured in a task and the doctor told her to reduce it! I used to massage her hands and back every night to comfort her. There were days when she cried with pain. She’s a strong girl! She’s really trying her best.

“I used to do this every night to help her. It would help her sleep better. Trust me her pain tolerance is high. She never even complained. The doctor told her not to do certain things. Love you shams be strong,” he continued in another story.

Along with the statement, Rajeev also posted a picture of himself with Shamita from Bigg Boss House. In the picture, the first one is seen massaging the second person’s shoulder to relieve the pain.

This is what Rajeev Adathia posted:

Shilpa Shetty, the sister of Shamita Shetty and an actress, also chose to report Rajiv’s story on her handle. “My Tunkie I hope you are strong. Pray hard. Thank you Bro Rajeev Adatia,” she wrote with the repost.

For those unfamiliar, during last weekend’s War episode, presenter Salman Khan raised his hand to Shamita and asked her why she was showing her face. Rakhi interrupted the conversation and started imitating Shamita’s facial expressions. Rakhi’s reaction upset Shamita and she became emotional.


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