BTS leader RM shares health update after Kovid-19 positive, 'I'm fine'

BTS leader shares RM health update after Kovid-19 positive: I’m fine. Image Credit: Twitter.

BTS leader shares RM health update after Kovid-19 positive: I’m fine. Image Credit: Twitter.

RM, the leader of the South Korean music sensation BTS, said on Tuesday that he was doing “very well” days after testing positive for the novel Corona Virus.

Big Hit Entertainment, the management company of BTS, said in a statement on Saturday that RM had been infected with the gin after returning to its native South Korea from the US.

RM was initially negative when subjected to a PCR test when he arrived in South Korea on December 17 following a personal schedule as part of an official vacation, and was forced to self-quarantine at home under COVID-19 regulatory procedures.

However, a re-examination before the scheduled release from Quarantine found the 27-year-old to be COVID-19 positive.

RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-jun, has been sharing an update on his health with fellow band member Suga (Min Yoon-ji) Weavers post since Monday, where he assured their fan group, Army, that he is well.

“I’m very good too,” the group leader wrote in the comment section of Suga’s statement on the Fans Community Forum.

In an update on Jin (Kim Siok-jin), the big hit said that the musician returned to South Korea on December 6 and underwent PCR testing shortly before his release from self-quarantine. Both were found to be negative.

“However, he experienced fever-like symptoms this afternoon and underwent a PCR test this evening and was found to be positive for COVID-19. He is showing mild symptoms including mild fever and is self-medicating at home,” the company said of Jinn. .

According to Big Hit, RM, Suga (28) and Jin (29) are currently self-medicating at home under the guidance of the Health Authority, and have not been in contact with other members, such as J-Hope and Jimin, V and Junkuk.

All members of the Grammy-nominated septum completed their second round of COVID-19 vaccination by the end of August.

Earlier this month, BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan (Bullet Proof Boy Scouts) announced that they would take a “long period of rest” to enable the group to “re-energize and recharge with positive energy”.

They recently performed at four solo concerts in Los Angeles, USA.


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