Nasiruddin Shah said the Mughals were refugees and was facing a backlash on social media

Nasiruddin Shah. Photo Credit: PTI.

Nasiruddin Shah. Photo Credit: PTI.

Naseeruddin Shah is back in the news with a controversial statement. Netizens brutally troll a veteran actor who claims that the Mughals are refugees.

A video claiming that the Mughals entered India with the aim of making the country their motherland has been circulating on social media. “The so-called atrocities of the Mughals have always been highlighted. We forget that the Mughals were people who contributed to the country. You can hear him say that.

Here is a snippet of Nasiruddin Shah in the interview:

It should be noted that the video is a short snippet from a talk show called Interview with Karan Thapar.

Following the mention of Naseeruddin Shah, the actor has been trolled and criticized on social media. “The Mughals were not refugees, they were invaders, not asylum seekers. They were armed riders who visited India to exploit the disunity between the nations that existed on the Indian Peninsula.

“The Mughals were refugees, the Aryans were the invaders.

Here are some tweets that Netizens are angry about after Shaw’s comment:

This is not the first time the 71 – year – old has been in controversy. Senior actor Nasiruddin Shah is no stranger to controversy. In September, Naseeruddin Shah made headlines for his views on the Taliban. He won bouquets and brick bats on social media for his views on the Taliban.


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