Watch: Salman Khan drives an auto rickshaw in Panvel, surprising fans

Salman Khan drives an autorickshaw in Panvel. (Photo credit: Twitter / ibeingshivay)

Salman Khan drives an autorickshaw in Panvel. (Photo credit: Twitter / ibeingshivay)

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who arrived in Panvel after celebrating his 56th birthday at his farm house, was spotted driving an autorickshaw late at night. The video of the star who shocked the fans is going viral on the internet. Khan celebrated his birthday on December 27.

In a video circulating on the internet, Khan is seen casually wearing shorts and a blue t-shirt and hat. He sees an auto rickshaw driving around Panvel, 35 km from Mumbai. Bollywood paparazzi Manav Manglani shared the video on his Instagram account and on several other fan pages of the actor.

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A fan of the actor went to the comment section and was shocked by his auto rickshaw riding skills, one commented, “Bhai dil mein aata he samaj mein nahi”, another wrote, “Masalla Bigman Big Heart വ്വ Lovely and Oral …”

There were some sections who did not support Khan, but instead trolled him online, a user commented, “Bhai Natan Na Hote To Yahi Karte.” When another commented, “Looking for that snake,” a third said, “Red Alert: People on the footpath be safe.

The 56-year-old actor was bitten by a snake on Saturday night ahead of his birthday. Khan was rushed to a hospital in Navi Mumbai, where he was discharged six hours later. According to PTI, the actor was bitten by a non-venomous snake and was admitted to hospital.

In an interview with the media on his birthday, Salman said, “There was a snake in a room. The farm house was in the woods in Panvel. The children were scared when the snake entered the room. So I went and asked for a stick. I asked for a long stick because the stick I got was small. The snake wrapped itself around the stick and began to climb up, and as it came so close to my hand I grabbed it with my other hand and lowered the stick to release the snake (in the forest). “

“The villagers around me knew it was a Kandhari snake, and they started shouting ‘Kandhari, Kandhari, Kandhari’. I was bitten. Then everyone shouted ‘Hospital, hospital, hospital’ and told me to get to the hospital quickly. So much noise. The snake was a little bit poisonous. It bit me again. When we got back from the hospital, we found that the snake was still there, and we took it back to the forest. He added.

At Workfront, Salman last saw Antim: The Final Truth, starring his son-in-law Ayush Sharma. His next film is Katrina Kaif’s Tiger 3. Kabhi Ed Kabhi Diwali and Kick 3 are also in his kitty.


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