Bigg Boss 15 Weekend War: Salman Khan Celebrates New Year With Dharmendra

Salman Khan celebrates New Year with Dharmendra (Photo credit: Twitter / ColorsTV)

Salman Khan celebrates New Year with Dharmendra (Photo credit: Twitter / ColorsTV)

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Season 15 kicks off with presenter Salman Khan riding his bike with legendary actor Dharmendra. Khan welcomed everyone and immediately introduced the senior actor to the contestants. Later, the family wished the actor a Happy New Year and presented him with a special performance by dancing to his songs. Dharmendra Karan and Tejaswi blessed their relationship and wished Umar a happy birthday. Adding to the fun on stage, Dharmendra performs his famous drinking scene from the movie Sholay, which is soon joined by comedian Bharathi Singh, who dances in Dream Girl and enters the stage.

Going further, Khan informed the family about the snake bite and said that he had been bitten two or three times. It was later confirmed that it was a non-venomous snake. Comedy queen Bharathi joked about the incident and said that she was promoting Nag.

Later, Bharathi advised Umar and the character to go and change the costume kept in the storeroom and not to leave until they were called. The women contestants were then auditioned for the role of Basanti. Later, she calls Umar and the character who comes in the guise of Dharam Veer.

After an interesting segment, Dharmendra and Bhatri left the stage.

Salman spoke to the contestants again and fired them again for canceling the Ticket to Final task. Khan told them that they were disrespecting the audience by claiming that they had no interest or competitive spirit. He said the effort and cost of the work was in vain. Shamita claimed in their defense that they had done this task with utmost care. Karan Khan also replied that he does not want to insult the audience. Khan gave him back and said he did not buy his logic. Khan also lost his temper over Abjijit’s behavior while asleep during the conversation.

Moving on to Umar, Khan asked Tejaswi to explain his statement that the channel would not remove him from the show. Khan spoke to Shamita Shetty, who reminded her that her attitude towards Karan and Rakhi was different, to which she cried and tried to explain. Salman Khan ignored her explanation and her argument made no sense.

At the end of the show, Salman Khan surprised the housemates by revealing that some newcomers will be entering the Bigg Boss House. Celebrities like Akanksha Puri, Surbhi Chandana, Vishal Singh and former Dutta will be staying in a secret house but will be competing with old contestants.

The show ends with an interesting note as Bharathi and Harsh enter the house making fun of everyone. Bharathi teases ‘upcoming’ couple Pratik-Devolina and Umar-Rashami. She says the Riyaz brothers (Azim and Umar) want to fall in love at Bigg Boss House. Harsh calls the Tejran romantic couple. Bharathi and Harsh said there would be no weekend elimination but the contestants would be eliminated on Monday.


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