Bigg Boss 96 Days Highlights of 15 Days: Last chance for Housemates to win final ticket to finals

Umar, Rashami, Karan and Rakhi have been appointed as judges for the new post. (Photo credit: Instagram / colorstv)

Umar, Rashami, Karan and Rakhi have been appointed as judges for the new post. (Photo credit: Instagram / colorstv)

The latest episode of Bigg Boss started with Karan and Rashami discussing their relationship with Tejaswi and Umar respectively. When he saw Rashami asking Karan to solve his problems with Tejaswi, Karan told Rashami that Umar was going through his problems and asked her to give him some time.

Later, Karan and Tejaswi were seen resolving their differences. He expressed his love for Tejaswi and added that he was upset that Tejaswi did not stand by him when he won the task. In response, Tejaswi said that Karan understands everyone’s feelings but when she cries he will quickly oversee everything.

The episode highlighted Rakhi telling Karan that if she can help Tejaswi enter last week, she will definitely win the trophy. However, if that doesn’t happen, Karan Season may win. After hearing Rakhi’s words, Karan said that she would support her friends anyway.

The day ended when Rashami told Umar that he was always walking to the side despite the pain. She added that she had never even been asked how Umar was sitting with her. Umar replied to Rashmi that she could only see through her pain, not his. He added that he was going through something of his own and was going to be expelled from the church but everyone was busy in his pain.

The 96th day started with Karan telling Tejaswi about his conversation with Rakhi the other day. Karan said that Rakhi is now worried about Tejaswi entering the last week and so she is playing different strategies to get something out.

Bigg Boss has announced another task called ‘Ghar Ka Batwara’. Devolina, Tejaswi, Nishant, Pratik, Abhijit and Shamita had to fight for ownership of various parts of Bigg Boss House. The one who has the maximum area in the house gets an advantage in the last week. Umar, Rashami, Karan and Rakhi were appointed as judges.

The first round started from the bathroom area. Devolina added that Bigg Boss would blame another housemate for declaring the dispute clean. Devolina also accused Tejaswi of not being able to maintain personal hygiene by avoiding clutter in the bathroom. Tejaswi defended himself with the help of witness Nishant.

After the round, Tejaswi was declared the owner of the bathroom area and supported by Karan, Umar and Rashami.


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