Bigg Boss 151 Days 101 Highlights: Salman Khan Announces Show Extension For Two Weeks

Bigg Boss 15 extended for two weeks. (Photo credit: Instagram / colorstv)

Bigg Boss 15 extended for two weeks. (Photo credit: Instagram / colorstv)

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 started with Tejaswi and Karan talking about the concerns raised by presenter Salman Khan during the weekend war. When Tejaswi said that he supported Karan during the episode, Tejaswi said that it was not always about her and he did not need anyone’s support.

Tejaswi asked Karan to include her in all his conversations with Shamita.

Bigg Boss started the next day with shocking news. He told the housewives to watch the video clip of Salman Khan revealing that the presenter has extended the reality show for two weeks. Bigg Boss ended by saying that these two weeks will be filled with opportunities for non-VIPs to steal tickets to the finals from existing VIPs.

Shamita told Nishant and Pratik that she could not handle Abhijit and Rakhi for another two weeks. The housewife added that she could not bear to be mocked by people for her shoulder injury.

The episode then highlighted Karan announcing the nomination task. Reshmi came in first and nominated Abhijit and Tejaswi.

Rakhi chose to nominate Shamita and Nishant, then Tejaswi nominated Abhijit and Rashami, and Karan Rashami and Abhijit. Meanwhile, Shamita nominated Abhijit and Rakhi.

When Abhijit intervened, he chose to nominate Rashami, while Shamita, Nishant nominated Rakhi and Abhijit.

After the task, Bigg Boss announced that VIP members Abhijit and the contestant Abhijit, who got the most votes with four votes, would lose their VIP status and be nominated for the week. He announced Nishant, Devolina, Shamita, Abhijit and Rashami as this week’s Nominated Housemates.


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