Loop Lapeta trailer out;  The movie starring Tapsi Pannu will premiere on Netflix in February

Loop Lapeta trailer out. (Photo credit: Instagram / taapsee)

Loop Lapeta trailer out. (Photo credit: Instagram / taapsee)

Loop Lapeta, starring Tapsi Pannu and Tahir Rajbhas, will premiere on Netflix on February 4 ahead of the film’s release, with the producers releasing its official trailer. The upcoming comedy thriller, directed by debutant director Aakash Bhatia, is a Hindi language remake of the 1998 cult classic film Run Lola Run by German filmmaker Tom Tykver.

The film offers an adventurous journey through a sticky situation where the girlfriend embarks on a mission to save her boyfriend.

In the movie, Pannu plays the role of Xavi, who is on a mission to save her boyfriend played by Tahir. The trailer seems to be a comedy film in which a girlfriend (Tapzi) embarks on a mission to save her boyfriend (Tahir). Raise Rs 50 lakh in 50 minutes to save a useless lover who falls into the trap of gambling.

As the plot unfolds, a series of events constantly urges lovers to make choices that define their future, read the official summary of the film.

Watch the trailer here:

While sharing the trailer on Instagram, Tapsi Pannu wrote, “50 Savi 50 Minutes ⏲️ Can Savi save the truth in a timely manner? #LooopLapeta. “

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Pannu had earlier said in a statement, “Produced by my director Aakash and co-star Tahir.

Bhasin, 34, who appears to be true, said that Loop Lapetta offers a new take on romance and that he is thrilled to show the film to the audience.

“This film is a disturbing picture of modern day romance, a category I explore for the first time. I can not wait until the world meets the characters Satya and Xavi.

“Our director has a unique style stamp that has created a visually-stunning world that combines thrill and comedy for an entertainer’s crazy rollercoaster,” Bhasin said.

Bhatia said he was excited to stream his first film, Loop Lapeta, on Netflix.

“There’s no way to underestimate the joy of making a first film, ‘Loop Lapetta’ overcame every part of it. I’m so excited about the look we’ve given to it. It’s boldly moving from comedy and thriller to romance. For a rollercoaster ride for the audience,” Bhatia said.

Loop Lapeta is produced by Sony Pictures Films India, Ellipse Entertainment and AYUSH Maheshwari.


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