Actor Omar Lulu has come out in support of Dileep and made sexual allegations

Director Omar Lulu (L), actor Dileep (R). (Photo credit: Instagram omar_lulu_ / dileepactor)

Director Omar Lulu (L), actor Dileep (R). (Photo credit: Instagram omar_lulu_ / dileepactor)

Director Omar Lulu was called by social media users for his recent post that he would work with Dileep if given a chance.

Dileep has been accused of being involved in the abduction and sexual assault case of a Malayalam actor in 2017.

The post that has now been withdrawn reads: “I still love actor Dileep, I will definitely make a movie if I get his date, he will be punished if convicted in court.Or he can be acquitted.Everyone can always do the right thing.Sometimes mistakes happen.What is the circumstances that led to the crime that led to the crime?” We do not know. Only those involved know, “India Today reported.

Although Dileep is alleged to be involved in the ongoing case, users went to the comment section to call the director for publicly supporting Dileep. On defense, the filmmaker said, “To those in my family who ask me what I would do if something like this happened – how many of you would not see the clip (of the actress’ sexual assault)? I expect an honest answer.”

The director also mentioned Govindachami, who was jailed for raping and killing a 23-year-old woman traveling on a train. Talking about the comparison between him and Dileep, he added, “I saw a man named Govindachami for the first time as part of a rape case. I have been in love with actor Dileep since I was young. Until the verdict comes, Dileep is guilty, not guilty.

In February 2017, a woman actress from Kerala was abducted and sexually assaulted on her way to Kochi. Indications are that the incident was copied by the accused. Several accused, including Dileep, were arrested in connection with the case. Dileep was later released on bail. The actor had recently written a letter to the Director General of Police asking him to end the investigation.


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