French filmmaker and Betty Blue director Jean-Jacques Bainics dies at 75

Director Jean-Jacques Bainix died on January 13. (Photo credit: Twitter / mubi)

Director Jean-Jacques Bainix died on January 13. (Photo credit: Twitter / mubi)

French director Jean-Jacques Bainics, best known for his portrayals of Diva and Betty Blue, has died at his residence in Paris. The 75-year-old succumbed to his illness after a long illness, his brother told French media Le Monde.

He began his career as an assistant director, working with filmmakers such as Bionics, Claude Berry, Rene Clement and Jerry Lewis. He made his debut with Divya in 1981, winning four Caesar Awards, including Best First Feature, Variety reported.

The film is based on the story of a young postman who falls for an American opera singer and is caught in an “international conspiracy while trying to make a bootleg recording of her performance”. The film was much celebrated in the filmmaking style.

“Movies that are part of the Cinema Do Look movement are often said to value style more than material, but ‘Diva’ succeeds in giving both, sometimes expressing its style for style, while others use it as a way of actually highlighting how important it is, as well as the impact of film,” Neo wrote in the text about the impact.

Bainix brought his next title, The Moon in the Gutter, to the screen, starring Gerard Depardieu and Nastasia Kinski. An adaptation of David Goodis’ novel, which awaited release at Cannes in 1983, was not well received, and failed at the box office.

This did not stop the filmmaker. In 1986 he introduced Betty Blue, starring Beatrice Dale and Jean-Hughes Angled. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, and won in the US. Beineix’s other films include several documentaries, including IP5: The Island of Pachyderms, Mortal Transfer, Otaku, and Loft Paradoxe.

Recently, the filmmaker wrote and wrote a memoir and a novel.


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