Indian cinema thanks for sharing the finalist at the Golden Short Film Festival in Rome

A still from the movie. (Photo credit: Official teaser)

A still from the movie. (Photo credit: Official teaser)

Indian short film Thanks for sharing Directed by Dinal ferns Has been shortlisted for several film festivals. Dark comedy is the official choice International Shorts 2021 (Australia) is a third quarter finalist Golden Short Film Festival (Rome). Domestically, the film was nominated for Short of the Month Abbreviated India.

The film addresses mental illness and “takes a sharp look at the blurred line between unstoppable thoughts and mental illness. When can the unbearable sound in our heads be classified as a disease? The film explores the loneliness of psychosis and how one can get away with it. No one around us can understand what we are experiencing.”

Explaining further about the film, the director said, “I believe that there is always a certain level of inadequacy in human behavior, whether it is sudden anger, grief, or emotional imbalance.

Although psychosis and schizophrenia are so-called clinical mental disorders, it is always a struggle within someone trying to overcome them. The comedy in the story shines through in the character’s struggle and the explosion between the intelligentsia, but in the dark emotional work and in mocking the reality he is trying to merge.

The film stars Rishi Hapawat, Mansi Rach and Udit Arora in the lead roles.

Rishi shared the trailer online where we see the main character going through different emotions – from crying to laughing hysterically and breaking things up in an explosion of anger.

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