Biography of Michael Jackson in the works of Bohemian Rhapsody makers

Michael Jackson’s biopic is in the works. (Image credit: Twitter)

Michael Jackson’s biopic is in the works. (Image credit: Twitter)

The biography of the legendary singer and dancer Michael Jackson is produced by Bohemian Rhapsody. Graham King In the workshop. Lionsgate Seized distribution rights around the world. The estate and family are collaborating on the project. The biopic will be co-produced by Oscar-winning producer Graham King, John Bronka and John McLean. The screenplay was written by three-time Oscar nominee John McLean. Co-stars King and John Logan have previously worked together on Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator.

The film will show Michael’s rise to pop superstar status and legal battles, including allegations of child sexual abuse.

In 2003, Jackson was convicted of multiple counts of sexual misconduct during his lifetime, including a child molestation trial, but was found not guilty here.

In 2019, the HBO documentary Living Neverland made various allegations against him.

According to a press release announcing the distribution deal, Michael will give the audience an in-depth portrayal of the complex man who became King of Pope. It will bring to life Jackson’s best performances as he provides insight into the artistic process of entertainment and personal life.

Joe Drake, chairman of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group, said: “I’m very excited to be a part of Lionsgate’s epic film, and I & # 39; d be more than happy to work with Graham, who has been successful in telling legendary life stories since ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Variety reported.

Commenting on the production of a biopic of a great singer and dancer, Graham King said, “I first saw the Jackson family in 1981, and I was humbled to bring their legacy to the big screen. As a member of Jackson 5, I loved the magic of cinema from a young age, “said singer Catherine Jackson. Mother. “As a family, we’re proud to have our life story active on the big screen.”

Michael Jackson has sold records worth over 400 million, making him one of the greatest pop stars ever to live.


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