Bengali films have been recording housefull shows since the Kovid-19 pandemic

Recently released Bengali films have recorded housefull screenings. (Image credit: Twitter.)

Recently released Bengali films have recorded housefull screenings. (Image credit: Twitter.)

Kovid-19 Pandemic Blues Defeats Bengali Movies Kakababur Prothyaborton And Baba Baby o Housefull has been recording shows since its release on the big screen on the eve of Saraswati Pooja, which is said by production companies to show the growing confidence of people in watching movies in theaters. A spokesperson for production company SVF told PTI that Kakababar Protyaborton has grossed over Rs 1 crore since its release on February 4 in 100 cinema halls across West Bengal.

“This is the biggest Bengali hit so far this year and it proves that people are coming back to the theaters,” she said.

Prosenjit Chatterjee will play the lead role in the film, which was shot in Masai Mara, Africa.

“I am happy with the overwhelming response to ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’ within days of its release. As I have already said, some films look good on the big screen,” said director Sreejith Mukherjee.

Another Baby Bengali release, another big Bengali release starring Jishu Sengupta in the lead role, is a film about surrogacy and parenting, which has witnessed housefull shows in theaters and multiplexes over the past weekend, a Windows Production House spokesman said.

“Our film has grossed Rs 55 lakh in three days. The audience loves the unique and out-of-the-box but very real and contemporary content. It works well in urban areas,” the spokesperson said.

Another Bengali film starring Dev, Tonic, has set a record for the last two years due to epidemics and has been running in theaters for more than a month in a row.

“Tony was released on December 24 last year, and despite the spiral of the COVID-19 cases, it has been able to attract crowds. Said.

Arijit Dutta, the theater-loving cinema owner who plays Tonic along with other films, said that people have got rid of the fear of Kovid and regained the old habit of watching movies on the big screen.


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