The Fame Game Trailer: Madhuri Dixit Acting As The Missing Superstar With Many Secrets

Madhuri Dixit in Fame Game. (Photo credit: IMDb)

Madhuri Dixit in Fame Game. (Photo credit: IMDb)

The makers of the trailer for the upcoming Netflix thriller series have been released Fame game Featuring Madhuri Dixit. The web series will premiere on February 25 and mark Madhuri’s digital debut.

In the suspense-thriller, Madhuri plays the superstar Anamika Anand, who seems to have the perfect life in the eyes of the world. However, there are dark secrets behind that fame and glamor and showbiz. Madhuri will be seen in the roles of superstar, wife and mother.

The series follows her stardom and her disappearance, paving the way for an investigation that leads to many of the secrets held by the superstar. She was not a perfect star with a perfect life. But the question that haunts everyone is, “Who is she?”

Also starring Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Laxveer Sharan, Suhasini Mule and Mushkan Jafferi. The show was produced by Karan Johar, who came on social media to share the trailer, she did all the roles in her career, and yet she stopped doing the role she was born to act in – herself. Watch Anamika Anand on The Fame Game Series, which premieres on February 25, on Netflix only. ”

The official summary of the show is as follows: “Bollywood icon Anamika Anand is one of the most famous women in the world. When this loving wife and mother suddenly disappear without a trace, ‘Where is Anamika?’ Suddenly ‘Who’s anonymous?’ When the perfectly designed face of her life is removed, revealing the hidden truths and painful lies in the life of a global superstar. “

The show was called Finding Anonymous, but was later renamed The Fame Game. Announcing the change of title, Karan had earlier said, “There is always a hidden truth behind the veil of fame and stardom. What is this truth in the life of Bollywood’s biggest actress Anamika Anand? Find out more soon.”

The upcoming series will be directed by Bijoy Nambiar and Karisma Kohli, with Sri Rao as the lead writer and showrunner.


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