Lock-up teaser: Kangana Ranaut to host 16 'controversial' celebrity contestants
Kangana Ranaut will be appearing in a new reality show called Lock Up. (Photo credit: Instagram kanganaranaut)Kangana Ranaut will be appearing in a new reality show called Lock Up. (Photo credit: Instagram kanganaranaut)

Kangana Ranaut She shared a look at her upcoming reality series Lock up In it she will present as a presenter. The show will see 16 “controversial” celebrity contestants locked up in jail, where they will have to perform tasks to gain their freedom.

Mera Jail Hey Aisa, Na Chalegi Bhaigiri Na Pappa Ka Paisa! ”

In the teaser he hears the actor inside the jail saying, “I’m bringing the bap of the biggest reality shows. My prison and my rules are locked here and there will be 16 controversial celebrities, and I will do what I want with them.” Later, contestants, without revealing their faces, are seen entering wearing orange dresses similar to those worn by inmates.

In the introduction the actor said that there are two types of people in the world, those who like her and those who hate her “B-grade” who call her bad in order to stay in the news. Make headlines. “These haters filed an FIR against me to silence my voice and applied the formula of nepotism. My life was turned into a 24×7 reality show. But now it’s my turn,” she added.

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The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor. Commenting on the upcoming show, Kangana Ranaut said, “I am thrilled and excited to enter OTT with such a unique and brilliant idea. I am sure this show will give me a great opportunity to interact with my fans and entertain them as a presenter. Lock-up,” the Hindustan Times reported.

She thanked Ekta and called her “Boss Lady”. “I want to thank Boss Lady Unity for always being by my side. She is someone I always adore and respect very much. I’m glad she’s been with me for my OTT debut. For all my fans there, get ready for the fearless show of all time,” she added.


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