Simba Nagpal to work with Tejaswi Prakash on Nagin 6: You Like Our Chemistry

Simba Nagpal. (Photo credit: Instagram / simbanagpal)

Simba Nagpal. (Photo credit: Instagram / simbanagpal)

Television actor Simba Nagpal Ready to rule the heart against two beautiful women on an upcoming TV show Nagin6. And acting actor Tejaswi Prakash And Mahek Chahal On the supernatural fantasy thriller show, he said fans would love his chemistry with his teammates. Recently, in an interview with, Simba Nagpal talked about her upcoming show Ekta Kapoor And his journey Bigg Boss15 Competitor. “Tejaswi and Mahek are hard workers and beautiful. You will love it once you see my chemistry with them,” the 25-year-old told the media portal.

It should be noted that Nagin 6 will air on Colors TV every Saturday and Sunday starting tomorrow, February 12th. The show, which is backed by Ekta Kapoor, will have two ‘Nagins’ this year, namely Bigg Boss 15 winner Tejaswi Prakash and Fear Factor. : Khatron K Khiladi Fame Mahek Chahal.

Simba Nagpal also reacted to the memes about Nagin 6 circulating on social media. He said the daily soap corona virus would be based on the pandemic but had a completely different setup than the Kovid or Omicron virus. “We’m inspired by the corona virus pandemic, but it’s not Kovido omicrono. It’s a completely different virus. The writer has worked hard on the screenplay and I hope the show will be a success,” he said.

Simba Nagpal was last seen on Bigg Boss 15. When asked about his experience on the reality show hosted by Salman Khan, Simba replied that he has no regrets about stepping into the show but does not want to send an aggressive message. “I do not want to send a message to children that it is okay to fight over food or something trivial,” he said.

Simba Nagpal is a familiar face in the television industry and is also known for his performances in Shakti Astitva K Ehsaski and Bhayam.


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