Sunil Grover has recovered after heart surgery

Sunil Grover. (Photo credit: Instagram / whosunilgrover)

Sunil Grover. (Photo credit: Instagram / whosunilgrover)

Fans of Sunil Grover The actor and comedian have been worried about his fitness ever since he went through health issues. His test was also positive Kovid-19 And subjected Bypass surgery After a heart attack. He was discharged Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai On February 3, Sunil thanked his well-wishers on social media and took to Twitter on Thursday. “Bhai treatment teek ho gaya, mary chal rahi he healing, aap sub ki duaon ke liye, thanks hi mary emotion! Toko thali!” He tweeted.

Here is the tweet:

Sunil Grover, who was admitted to hospital with chest pain, underwent four bypass surgeries. According to the hospital, Grover was found to have a very small heart episode (NSTEMI) due to elevated levels of the heart enzyme (theophone T).

He was also Kovid-19 positive, they said. “Dr. Santosh Dora, the director of Dr. Vijay D’Silva, a senior cardiologist and director of critical care and medical affairs, first administered the medicine to stabilize him. Then, 12 days later, he performed a coronary angiogram of Dora’s on two major coronary arteries (two major coronary arteries). He has 70% and 90-90% blockage in the third artery and his heart function is normal and fortunately there is no damage to the heart muscle, ”the hospital said in a statement.

The actor was followed by the head of the Asian Heart Institute, Dr. Ramakanta consulted with Panda and suggested bypass surgery as both arteries were 100 per cent blocked. Grover underwent four bypass surgeries using two internal mammary glands in his chest. He recovered after surgery, was discharged on February 3 after surgery, and recovered seven days later, walking around and doing his current work. ‘Says in a note shared by the hospital.

“Because he has received grafts in all the arteries using the internal mammary glands, his long-term results should be good and he can lead a normal life for a long time with the right care, including proper diet, exercise, yoga and medicine. He is a good person who is optimistic about life,” Dr. Panda added.

Grover is best known for his comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show. Last year, he starred in the prime video series Thandav and the ZEE5 comedy series Sunflower.

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