Valimai: The trailer of the movie starring Ajith Kumar has been released in Hindi, Telugu and Kannada.
Screenshot from Valimai’s official trailer. (Photo credit: YouTube)Screenshot from Valimai’s official trailer. (Photo credit: YouTube)

After running successfully Large Original Trailer (Tamil); The makers of the film have decided to release dubbed versions of the trailer. Telugu, Kannada and Hindi editions of Ajith Kumar-The stars were released on Thursday. The actor has released the Hindi trailer of Valimai Ajay DevgnThe actor will follow Mahesh Babu For the Telugu version. Finally, the actor and director Kicha Sudeep The Kannada version of the trailer has been released. It is a Tamil action film directed by Valimai H. Vinod. Supported Bonnie KapoorThe movie will hit theaters on February 24.

The trio went to their social media handles to post dubbed versions of the trailer. Actor Ajay Devgn has released the Hindi trailer of Valimai on his Twitter handle. “Hey Ajith, your conviction and determination is commendable! I wish you all the best here Valimak. Always love, Ajay,” he wrote.

Actor and producer Mahesh Babu also took to Twitter to release a Telugu trailer. Calling the film ‘gripping’, he said, “Extreme and absolutely gripping! Congratulations to Ajith Kumar and the entire team of Valimai on their huge success!”

Finally, with the release of the Kannada trailer, Kicha Sudeep tweeted, “Get ready for the ultimate action-thriller movie ‘Valimai’! It will be released on February 24, 2022 in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Valimai stars Ajit Kumar, Huma Qureshi and Karthikeya Gummakonda. The film revolves around a police officer named Arjun who aims to track down a group of illegal bike riders who are involved in heinous crimes. Produced by Sea Studios and Kapoor under Beavis Projects LLP, the film was written and directed by H Vinod.


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