A spokesman for Snoop Dogg said the allegations of sexual harassment against the rapper were ineligible.

The woman has filed a civil case against Snoop Dogg. (Photo credit: Instagram / snoopdogg)

The woman has filed a civil case against Snoop Dogg. (Photo credit: Instagram / snoopdogg)

A woman has been charged with sexual assault and battery after attending an American rapper Snoop Dogg’s concert in 2013. However, a spokesman for the musician called the allegations “ineligible.”

Jane Doe, who said she worked with Snoop Dogg, is a dancer, model and actor, but her spokeswoman said the two have never worked together. The woman alleged that while she was using the washroom, the wrapper forced her inside and forced her to have oral sex and masturbated in front of her.

The lawsuit, filed in the Central District of California, states that “if the defendant displeased Snoop Dogg, the plaintiff was found to be concerned about his job security.” “Plaintiff was under pressure from defendant Snoop Dogg because of her dominance and position of authority over her, including the ability to hire and dismiss her, to make sure she was never hired again in her industry,” the Indian Express reported.

The allegations against the 50-year-old artist come just days before his performance on the Super Bowl halftime show. Meanwhile, a spokesman called the allegations “simply ineligible” and said “it seems to be part of a self – enrichment shakedown plan to snatch Snoop Dogg just before it’s introduced during this Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show.

“It is clear that this shake-up scheme is insulting. This attempt to use the courts to move the project forward is also shameful and insults the real victims who deserve to be trusted,” the spokesman added.

“The woman told the court that the Snoop Dogg employee, named as the defendant, sexually assaulted her in the evening. The parties tried to resolve the issue through mediation and added to the complaint.

Recently, Calvin Broads or Snoop Dogg said on his Instagram, “Gold digger season is coming … be careful, and keep your circle small.”


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