AIMIM opposes FIR against Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal's latest film in Telangana

FIRs are currently pending in movie theaters. (Photo credit: Twitter / TheVishnuVishal)

FIRs are currently pending in movie theaters. (Photo credit: Twitter / TheVishnuVishal)

Tamil film industry star Vishnu Vishal‘S movie FIR Is facing opposition from All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) In Telangana, party MLAs Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri, Jafar Hussain Meraj and Kauser Mohiuddin filed a petition against the film on Friday. MLAs met cinematography minister T Srinivas Yadav and commented against the film. India Today reported that the protest was sparked by the word ‘Shahada’ written on the poster of the film.

The action thriller directed by Manu Anand was released in theaters across the world today, however, the film is currently banned in three countries: Malaysia, Kuwait and Qatar. The film has not erased local censorship in these countries, and following the ban, the actor took to Twitter to apologize to his fans based in these countries.

Vishnu plays the role of Abubaker Abdullah, a young Muslim man. He becomes the most wanted person in the police force. Along with Vishnu, Gautam Menon, who appears in a police uniform, is also on the lookout for Vishnu’s Abu Bakar. The film also stars Manjima Mohan, Reyza Wilson and Reba Monica John in the lead roles. Also starring Gaurav Narayanan.

Vishnu is also the producer, who distributes Red Giant Films. The film is directed by Ashwat and the cinematography is by Kirumi Fame Arul Vincent and the editing is by Prasanna GK.

Vishnu last acted in Aranya which was released in Tamil and Telugu and will next act in Mohandas. He will build the second one himself.


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