Tollywood actor Jagapathi Babu has pledged his organs to celebrate his 60th birthday

Jagapathi Babu. (Photo credit: Instagram / jagapathibabufanpage)

Jagapathi Babu. (Photo credit: Instagram / jagapathibabufanpage)

Tollywood actor celebrates his 60th birthday Jagapathi Babu He vowed to donate his organs at a private hospital in Hyderabad, Telangana. He continued to urge his friends and fans to do the same, many of whom had come to the hospital to greet the actor. The actor has pawned his vital organs at the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) in Hyderabad. Talking about his decision and encouraging others to follow the same path, he said, “It must have a meaning for all life, especially for human life, and I believe that if we can give something back to this society of which we are a part, our lives will have the right meaning.

Helping others to see, breathe and survive after our death is certainly the greatest thing we can think of. I urge all my friends and all those who love and appreciate my work as an actor to think about mortgaging their organs to help millions of people whose lives are plunged into darkness, ”India Today reported.

Attending the event was Dr. Kims Managing Director. Bollineni Bhaskar Rao described the actor as a “real hero”. Jagapathi Babu has done many inspiring roles in his acting career and today he has become a real hero and a real inspiration to millions of people in the society by mortgaging his organs, ”he said.

His eyes were donated as per the eye donation promise of the late Kannada actor Puneet Rajkumar. Appu, who donated his eyes, was affectionately called by the fans. Following in his parents’ footsteps, in 2006 his father, Dr. He became the third member of the eye donation family after Rajkumar and his mother Parvathamma in 2017.

Puneet died at the age of 46 in Bangalore following a heart attack. Vikram was admitted to the hospital after he experienced mild chest pain while exercising in the gym.


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