72nd Berlin Film Festival records more than 50 COVID-19 positive cases in over 2700 tests

The Berlin Film Festival kicks off on February 10. (Photo credit: Twitter @berlinale)

The Berlin Film Festival kicks off on February 10. (Photo credit: Twitter @berlinale)

The Berlin Film Festival Launched on February 10 with strict COVID-19 protocols, it recorded 54 positive cases and seven cases in the film crew.

The administration teams responsible for conducting the tests have so far conducted 2500 tests. A spokesman for the event told Variety, “Accreditation is also available to audiences. Berlin’s test buses performed about 2,700 tests and had only 54 positive tests.”

The screening is for press and film delegates and non-boosted audiences. “To prevent possible infection networks, we carefully assess all cases and circumstances, track all contacts and identify potential hazards. We are still at the time of infection, and obviously positive tests are a reality in our daily lives.

COVID-19 measures implemented during the film event include limited seating capacity within the theater, mandatory mask wear, and daily testing.

The festival is being held at the Hybrid in Berlin, Germany, and will conclude on February 20. This is the 72nd edition of the Film Festival. Variety reported that only 55.2 percent of the German population had received booster vaccination so far, witnessing an increase in omega-3 cases in Germany.

According to the deadline, the country registered 1,51,000 cases (five-day low) and 122 deaths yesterday. There are currently 3.4 million active cases in the country, but only 0.1 percent of them are in a serious or serious condition.

In June last year, Cannes reported an average of three positive cases per day and up to 3,000 tests per day. A spokesman for Berlin said the event recorded 2 percent more positive tests than in Berlin, which is “less than the average percentage of positive tests around Berlin.”


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