Rakhi Sawant has announced that she is divorcing her husband Riteish and a lot has happened

Rakhi Sawant and her husband Riteish. (Photo credit: Instagram / rakhisawant2511)

Rakhi Sawant and her husband Riteish. (Photo credit: Instagram / rakhisawant2511)

Rakhi Sawant Announced separation from husband Riteish Sunday. The actor who went inside Bigg Boss15 Last year the house with her husband officially broke the news on her Instagram handle. She said in a statement that many things she did not know had happened after the reality show. While Rakhi Sawant did not reveal the reason behind the split, she congratulated Riteish and emphasized the importance of her career. Rakhi added in her statement that the sad place of the incident was supposed to have taken place before Valentine’s Day but it was not under her control.

“Dear fans and well-wishers, I would like to say that Riteish and I have decided to separate. A lot of things happened after the Bigg Boss show. I did not know anything that was out of my control. Both are enjoying life separately, “she wrote in a statement.

“I’m really sad that this should have happened before Valentine’s Day, but I was heartbroken, but I had to make the decision. I wish Riteish the best in life, but at this point in life I need to focus on my job, happy and healthy. Thank you for always understanding and supporting me!” Rakhi added.

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Rakhi Sawant first mentioned Riteish during Bigg Boss Season 14. She said she was married to a man named Riteish but kept his identity under the carpet after the show. She had previously revealed that she was married to someone else and that she had a son. The 43-year-old actor criticized the move when fans demanded proof.

However, in season 15, she enters the Bigg Boss house with Riteish and introduces him as her husband. While attending a reality show, Riteish’s first wife accused him of domestic violence.


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