Tom Welling to direct Scott Windows' action-thriller Deep Six

Tom Welling. (Image credit: Twitter)

Tom Welling. (Image credit: Twitter)

Smallville actor Tom Welling Tap to act in writer-director Scott Windows‘S upcoming action-thriller movie Six deep.

According to the deadline, the film will also star Cam Gigandet, Siddhartha Mallya, Cher Kosenza, Al Linea and Alessia Alciati.

“I’m really lucky to be able to work with a great actor like Tom. I think he’s really going to open a lot of eyes with his role. He can put his toes with Cam in a cat game. The audience loves mice. I can not wait to show this project to the world,” Windows said.

The story revolves around Terry (Welling), who was earlier released from prison.

“On his first day, his co-six secret unit was uncovered. Terry had to ride a shotgun all day with a psychopath killer who might know he was working for the police,” the plotline reads.

The film is being produced by Emanuel Moretti for The Motis Studios.


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