Sonam Kapoor's husband Anand Ahuja's allegations of tax evasion are baseless

Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor. (Photo credit: Instagram / anandahuja)

Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor. (Photo credit: Instagram / anandahuja)

Fashion entrepreneur Anand Ahuja Married Sonam Kapoor He has been charged with tax evasion and sending ‘doctorated invoices’ to an international shipping company. Ahoja has The allegations were denied It was called the “unfounded exception.”, a shipping company, has been accused of tax evasion. The allegations against Ahuja are based on his frustration with the company’s customer service. Ahoja called the company’s service “terrible” on Twitter.

“Does anyone know MyUS_Shopaholic – I’m had a horrible experience recently. Sonam added to her tweet by sharing her post, adding, “Terrible customer service is a shame.”

However, the company responded by claiming that the matter was not related to their service and instead accused Ahuja of fraud. “It’s not about the quality of customer service, the new policies, or the improper possession of goods as tweeted.

The company also alleged that the doctor was making invoices. “Doctor’s invoices list up to 90% cheaper than he paid for the goods. Although our policy is to do our best to resolve customer issues, we have a duty to uphold regulatory compliance,” it added.

“Simply put, we have a legal obligation to provide accurate information when sending international exports. MyUS and Mr Ahuja are subject to international export laws and we intend to comply with them,” she added.

Ahoja retorted to the company, “You should see your unfounded exception – you refused to validate the PDF receipts and bank statements, so you can charge me more and hold my goods longer to get the late fee,” he wrote. He added that his account has now been closed. He added that he had now closed his account and that it was “good nonsense”.


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