Ayushman Qur'an about Anek: As Indians we are very diverse and unique, but do we celebrate it?

Anekil Ayushman Khurana. (Photo credit: Twitter / ayushmannk)

Anekil Ayushman Khurana. (Photo credit: Twitter / ayushmannk)

Bollywood actor Ayushman Khurana, Who is waiting for the release of his upcoming film AnekDirected by Anubhav Sinha, he recently revealed why he decided to be a part of a political thriller. The film explores the violence and struggle of the people of North East India. Khurana plays a soldier deployed to protect the Northeast Indians.

In an interview with Indian Express, Khurana said, “When we set out to make Anek, it was very clear that Anubhav (Sinha) Sir, wanted to make an interesting story that would make people think about our identity as Indians. We are very different and unique as Indians but do we celebrate it and make it our strength?” ? I’m going to ask and answer that question, that’s why this movie is so special to me. ”

“I have always been on the hunt for disturbing content, and many are resting on top of the pile for me,” he added.

The story is about a peace deal between the Indian government and the separatists operating in the region. Thus focusing on the political conflicts in the region. The director-actor duo has teamed up with filmmaker Anubhav Sinha for another political thriller after winning critical acclaim after working on the social thriller Article 15.

The Qur’an first appears in the role of a soldier in the film Anek. Unlike his previous films, he also presents several action sequences. Sinha’s last action role was as a policeman in Article 15. Praising the director, Khurana told missmalini.com, “Anubhav Sinha is a great filmmaker, he is restless, he has something to say, he has got a great voice of his own, and he wants to address something to the community in his own way. It’s a kind of breaker for me. ”

The Qur’an said in a statement, “Anek celebrates the spirit of being an Indian. Anubhav Sar sets a standard through his exciting storytelling. The character of Joshua compelled me to do things I have never done before, both physically and mentally. I’m given this role to replace. ”

“Anek is based on a theme that is deeply rooted in our country. The film is set in a particular social context and aims to celebrate the diversity of our country. We shot it in places that are difficult to navigate. But this film seems to be a triumph of our soul and we are proud to have created it,” the director said in a statement.

Producer Bhushan Kumar had said that Anek was looking into an important issue that needed to be brought to the forefront. Experience in telling such an exciting story is a new standard for the industry, ”Kumar added.

Anek, which was earlier slated for a May 13 release, will hit theaters on May 27.


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