Brandon Flynn and Patton Oswald join the cast of the Apple Series Manhunt

Brandon Flynn, Patten Oswald Board Apple Series Manhunt (Photo: Brandonflyn)

Brandon Flynn, Patten Oswald Board Apple Series Manhunt (Photo: Brandonflyn)

13 Reasons Star Brandon Flynn And actor Patton Oswald Joined the cast of Manhunt, A new original crime series from Streamer Apple TV Plus. Show created by author / producer Monica BeletzkyWill take the audience to the consequences of Abraham LincolnThe murder of. Crown star Tobias Menzies leads the cast along with Lowe Simon and Matt Walsh. According to the deadline, Flynn and Oswalt joined the series alongside Betty Gabriel, Will Harrison, Hamish Linklater, Damian Ohr and Lily Taylor. Manhunt: The Hunt: The 12-Day Chase, a bestselling crime series based on the shocking events of the Lincoln murder, is the best-selling book, Manhunt: The Lincoln’s Killer by James Swanson.

Menzies plays Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s war secretary and friend, who is driven almost insane by the need to capture the killer John Wilkes Booth.

Flynn plays Eddie Stanton Jr., the son of Edwin Stanton and a clerk in the War Department. Oswald was selected as Detective Lafayette Baker, a detective in the War Department.

Partial historical fiction, part conspiracy thriller, will take the audience to the aftermath of the first American presidential assassination and the struggle to preserve and defend the ideals underlying Lincoln’s reconstruction plans – issues that resonate today.

The show strongly portrays black history figures involved in the investigation of escape, manhunt, and subsequent high-profile crimes, including Mary Sims, a former slave of the doctor who treated Booth’s injury and gave him a safe haven after the crime.

“Manhunt” is being produced by Apple Studios, co-produced by Lionsgate, in collaboration with POV Entertainment, Walden Media and 3 Arts Entertainment.

Famous for his performances in “Fargo” and “Leftoverways”, Beletzky will be a showrunner and executive producer.


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