Hot Docs 2022: Filmmaker Anand Patwardhan honored with Best Achievement Award

Filmmaker Anand Patwardhan. (Photo credit: Twitter / hotdocs)

Filmmaker Anand Patwardhan. (Photo credit: Twitter / hotdocs)

Filmmaker Anand Patwardhan He has been honored with the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Documentary Festival in Canada Hot Docs. The 29th edition of North America’s largest international documentary festival was held annually in Toronto to celebrate the best of documentary filmmaking. The ceremony honored the work of an Indian filmmaker who has focused on observing the rise of Hindutva and majoritarianism in India for decades.

The 72-year-old filmmaker has won several national award-winning documentaries, including Bombay: Our City (1985), In Memory of Friends (1990), and his work on the slum dwellers surrounding the Punjab riots. The Name of God (1992) focuses on the demolition of the Babri Masjid and many more.

According to The Wire, four documentaries on the filmmaker’s latest work, Reason (2018), will be screened at the festival, which will focus on the history of majoritarianism in India. The other three documentaries to be screened are Father, Sun and Holy War, War and Peace, and A Time to Rise. The films are based on Hindutva, the nuclear tests in India and Pakistan in 1998, and the migrant agricultural workers in Canada who sought to form a union, respectively.

In 2003, J. Hoberman wrote for the Village Voice about war and peace: “Patwardhan’s film puts an end to the human face of war. ‘Now no Indian has to show his passport,’ an official boasted.

At the same time, his last film, Reason, won the IDFA Award for Best Picture in 2018, which critics hailed as “a sharp contemporary accusation of uncivilized and revitalized nationalism.”

In an interview with Mark Rapott for Art Review, when asked for an assessment of the state of his country, the filmmaker said, “I think we are in a very low recession, perhaps the darkest period since independence.”

However, he added, “But it’s not going to continue like that, it’s clear. You can already see what is going to overthrow the system as it is now. I hope people will reach out soon. , But because it is a form of survival, if you are not optimistic, you will commit suicide physically or mentally, “Criterion reported. .


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