Sunset Reunion sales guarantee that we will see two more seasons of the reality show

This is a good time to be A Selling at sunset Fan. The play never ends. Days after the fashionable Katie real estate group in California returned to our screens for the fifth season of their crazy looking reality show, an unexpected bonus episode arrived. A leaf extraction from the frenzy gained by the cast reunions Love is blind And The ultimatumNetflix has decided to extend its foolproof recipe Selling at sunset – A move that is no less than a masterstroke.

The format of reunion episodes, i.e. contestants who come together on the same roof after a considerable time of filming a season, fits perfectly into the reality TV matrix. One, it blurs the line between reality and non-reality. When the actors of a show appear in a reunion episode, the idea is that they do not have to perform for the camera, but instead address it directly. This illusion of control allows one to understand that it is here, and the contestants will reveal their true nature – rewritten in the versions of their true personality depicted on the show.

Simply put, reunion episodes offer a great stimulus for a passion for authenticity, which seems to add more weight to reality TV.

But reality TV does not have to be authentic. This is an exercise in triviality. Selling at sunset It’s the kind of show that makes you understand the assignment a little better. Its five seasons, in my opinion, gave birth to a reality TV section that I like to call Glossy Pop. To see Selling at sunset Pure in female conceptions – is to witness a universe. It is a world operating in the currency of backstabbing and galboss yasquining, with a wealth of power and power, a bunch of beauties, Barbie-Sque women and women who depend on women to wear high designer clothes and perform shows. Of course, the 21st century internet is full of dating shows, real estate series and reality shows. But Selling at sunset It is a combination of all these categories and therefore has a unique pedestal.

A large part of the appeal Selling at sunset Depends on its ability to make viewers more coveted even after an episode, controversy or the end of a season. Take a closer look and you will find that most of the show is designed as a fun-go-round – similar environments, showdowns, fights from different occasions. The result is that there seems to be unfinished business – more like a story already playing in front of our screens. The first reunion episode of the show, which premiered on May 6, was cut from the same fabric.

Hosted by Tan France of Queer I. Fame (a show that reveals the exact 21st century aspirations for Instagram real estate) reunited the cast of the hour-long episode show – currently split into two camps – six months after they finished filming the fifth season. Two notable participants are missing: Platinum-Blonde villain Christine Quinn, a resident of the show; (Both were apparently infected with COVID-19, although most of them publicly called Christine for lying about being infected with the virus.)

Christine’s absence seemed obvious when considering a large part Selling at sunsetHer exaggerated emotional outbursts and her inability to theorize her feelings about her castmate into the tabloids from time to time soften her narrative arcs. Last season alone, Christine once again pushed the Openheim group to a certain extent and had to introduce a new member to the show – the fluent-speaking British importer Chelsea Laskani, who described the two as “black” in one scene. Beautiful Barbie “- in order for Christine to receive a Bestie Arm candy. At the same time, she brainwashes another viewer to become her front page.

Still, none of it holds the candle to Christine’s play that ended the season. As we learn in the last episodes, Christine is accused of trying to bribe a client so he can start working with her and end up working with his ex-girlfriend Emma Hernan. Kristin denied the allegations on the show, adding that Emma was “fabricating stories” about herself to turn the entire office against her. In fact, the final episode ends with Cliffhanger wondering if Christine will be knocked out of the Openheim group. After the show premiered on Netflix, Christine repeated her tech entrepreneurship trophy by starting her own real estate company with her husband.

In that sense, the fact that Christine did not share the same screenplay with her castmate in the Reunion episode seemed like a waste of time and a great game – everyone else seemed to be mentally prepared for a street fight. Even in the Reunion episode, they were denied that opportunity, Selling at sunset She said — she said — the gate set itself up to draw to its desire. At the same time, the manufacturers realize that there is no fire without fuel. So, the reunion naturally had a theme: Christine Quinn.

While the actors were arguing about Christine’s shortcomings – Bose Jason Oppenheim confirmed that they currently had “no place” in the brokerage – in front of the camera, the newly started entrepreneur tried to maintain his dominance again. In a recent comment on a tic-tac-toe video, the 33-year-old revealed that she had resigned from the company weeks before filming the Reunion episode.

This dispute between the text and the subtext is between the ones that open on the screen. Selling at sunset The universe and how that thread moves forward through tabloid gossip is crucial to the show’s innate ability to make viewers feel that the show is not over at intervals between consecutive seasons.

In a way, keeping the investment to a certain extent is crucial for the show. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; No matter what you do to her, it goes without saying that there is no one more fun to hate than Christine. After all, no other show can easily create sexual tension Selling at sunset Can. More than once an hour, I wondered what it was Selling at sunset Even without Christine.

This reunion gave a hint to a new source of hostility, as Christine turned to her enemy, Krishel Stowes. At first glance, it seemed that the purpose of the episode was to investigate the state of separation between Jason and Chrysler. Are they still friends? Is Jason still in love with Chrysler? Has he changed his mind about starting a family? France’s precise questioning ensures that the episode answers all these questions about ex-couples who appear strange in an attempt to feel friendly to each other.

Talking about “the love of his life” we learned that Jason is capable of expressing human emotions when broken and that Krishel easily impresses with male tears. Still, taken from the night is not that Jason is still in love with Chrysler; Instead she had already changed. In the episode, the former soap star announced without going into further details that he is dating 27-year-old non-binary Australian singer G-Flip. Still, it was shocking news for everyone – there was no one like Maya who put out an incredibly hilarious face with a thousand memes. For his part, Jason said Chryshell is happy. On the other hand, his face told a completely different story. Next season’s pitch is “Can friendly frontrunners go crazy?” If so, count me.

That’s the thing Selling at sunset – This is a reality TV equivalent to window shopping. There is absolutely no cost to indulge in its daydreams.


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