On Friday the 13th, check out your Fear Element with our top five horror movie picks

Friday has come, as always, and it gives you the comforting pleasure of pressing the pause button to enjoy a little bit of your boring 9 to 5 life. But this is not the usual Friday. This is not the Friday you want to go to the club in the best clothes. 13 is Friday. This is the kind of Friday where you want to light candles in your washroom and say ‘Bloody Mary’ three times out loud (if you’ve ever tried this you know your childhood was done right). Friday is the best time to turn off the popcorn tub and lights and sneak into a comforter (i.e. if you dare) and overdo some of the best horror flicks to beautify our streaming platforms.

Dear readers, now that you know how to spend your night, we can make it even easier. Here are some recommendations (especially non-order) for the best horror movies to check out your fear factor.

The Hills Have Ice (2006)

Cannibalism is one of the favorite elements of filmmakers in creating horror / psychological horror. But before we got acquainted with the popular serial killer Hannibal Lecter, the horror world was introduced to the mutants from the 2006 thriller ‘Hill People’ or Alexandra Aja.

The movie makes you think twice before going on a road trip. There are many ways a family road trip can go wrong, but this movie lists the worst of them all.

It follows the story of the Carter family and how they are hunted down by a group of cannibalistic mutants and how they deceive members into their trap. This is not a story about ghosts and spirits, but it’s definitely something that can hurt you. The film also had a sequel that was released the following year, which cools the spine.

You can stream this movie on Disney + Hotstar.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Tob Hopper’s 70s movie is a classic. It changed the face of horror and introduced a new genre that we now call slasher movies. The famous character Leatherface is a name you don’t want to see even in your worst nightmares. The film follows a group of friends who welcome a hitchhiker. Little did they know that this helpful gesture would lead to a tragic turn of events.

Filled with brutal deaths, the film became a craze that gained multiple reboots in subsequent years, including the latest one of the same name released on Netflix in 2022. Although the original did not show much blood, subsequent films added elements of cruelty and violence.

You can stream this movie on Hulu.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)

It is one of the best horror films of modern times. Strongly rooted in the classic roots of classic horror – you know, the kind that revolves around a haunted house – it’s one of the best leading actors (it’s actually performed on the spin – and off-spin) directed by James Vaughan in 1977 and comes with multiple nail-biting jump skiers. Its selling point? It is inspired by real events.

The sequel to the hit film Van, which was released in 2013, the film had a lot of expectations and it is definitely being evaluated for how well it did.

You can stream movies on Netflix.

Tradition (2018)

If you can describe this movie in one word, it would be this: disturbing. So again, isn’t that one of the units that measures how successful horror movies are now? Filmmaker Ari Astor’s film begins with a tragic event in the life of the Graham family. Before the hero has time to recover from one tragedy and recover from it, another happens. Before the viewer has time to sympathize with the characters, they are dragged into the film’s dark hole about how a family is destroyed by evil forces.

You can stream movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Get Out (2017)

Dear readers, if you think you can not sit in any of the above movies, do not worry. The category of horror is not limited to ghosts, violence and gore, and the blood clotting sensation one feels in the absence of these elements. The best suggestion for this would be to start with Jordan Peale’s horror-thriller Get Out.

It follows the story of a black man named Chris visiting the family of his white girlfriend Rose. From the beginning of the journey to the family home, everything about the couple’s relationship and Rose’s family sends a message to its protagonist – exit.

With this critically acclaimed film, Pele amazed his audience with his use of American racism, a terrifying element that no other filmmaker or filmmaker from this genre has ever made. In addition to making the audience tremble at the spine, it also prompted them to engage in cultural conversations. This movie is definitely a must see as it evokes horror in a scary, scary and humorous way.

You can stream this movie on Amazon Prime Video.


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