Netizens respond to Snoop Dogg's May Have 2 Twitter Buy Now '

‘Buy 2 now Twitter’ says Snoop Dogg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Buy 2 now Twitter’ says Snoop Dogg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rapper Snoop Dogg He said on Twitter that he might buy it now Elon MuskThe $ 44 billion bid to buy the social media company has been put on hold. Tesla, the world’s richest man, and SpaceX founder Musk tweeted on Friday, “Twitter has suspended pending details that support the estimate that spam / fake accounts represent less than 5% of users.”

Snoop then announced the company’s purchase, tweeting, “Buy 2 Twitter now,” and the social media giant offered his ‘business plan’, in another tweet, including free internet on the flights, and the “first” business line. Free internet on planes !!! $ 29 per hour is stupid. “.”

Snoop’s other tweet reads, “Everybody gets a blue checkmark. Even the 10-letter tha boats that hit you in the DMs say” hello “. Cheat on those bots.”

The new board of directors of the rapper also made an interesting read.

“I’m going to replace Jimmy on the board of directors from my corner fish fry, Tommy Chung and Ta Guy on CNBC’s ponytail.”

Then he wanted to launch a new hashtag “#WhenSnoopBuysTwitter …”.

The hashtag is trending on social media, and Netizens are going crazy with the funny announcement. Some users gave up some ideas to change the name of the social media platform to something else, some people gave some logo references, some people even gave some hilarious response to the tweet.

Check responses:


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